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Beenleigh has been around a really long time ! In fact in the beginning Beenleigh was actually a small cane farming town. As Brisbane and the Gold Coast grew they both met in the middle and Beenleigh become a “suburb”. There’s a lot of history in this little “town” or ours.

What follows is a short list of some of the attractions and local amenities you will find when you visit Beenleigh. At the Beenleigh Village Motel we have a wide range of pamphlets at your disposal that will further explain the many “Things to do, Things to see and Places to go” in and around the Beenleigh Area.

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Beenleigh Town Square :

The Mall Beenleigh :

Beenleigh Railway Station :

Beenleigh Historical village :

Beenleigh Rum Distillery :

Doug Larson Park :

Here’s a short history of the Beenleigh Area according to Wikipedia.

[ Extract from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beenleigh,_Queensland#History ]

Beenleigh was first colonised in the 1860s, with the first permanent European settlement occurring by John Davy and Frank Gooding who named their sugar cane plantation Beenleigh in memory of their family estate in Devonshire, England.

The first sugar cane mill was built in 1867 and by 1885 another 29 were operational.
Beenleigh Post Office opened on 1August 1867.
Commercial dairying in the area began in 1889.

Beenleigh State School was opened on 6 February 1871.

The Beenleigh Memorial Park was dedicated on 21 August 1925.

The abattoir was established in 1952 for beef production and is still one of the largest industries in Beenleigh.

Beenleigh State High School opened on 29 January 1963.

Beenleigh Special School opened on 1 January 1981.

Beenleigh was the centre of the Shire of Albert, which also included the suburbs of Eagleby, Alberton, Mt Warren Park, Windaroo, Edens Landing, Holmview, Pimpama, and Jacobs Well. In 1995, Albert Shire was dissolved and Beenleigh and the surrounding suburbs were then amalgamated into City of Gold Coast.

In 2008 these suburbs were transferred from Gold Coast City to City of Logan.


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